The Pedigreeno App


Pedigreeno is the breakthrough application and your ultimate guide to find information for all pet lovers on any pet, either a cat, a dog, a parrot or even crocodile or boa snake.

If you are an animal owner, surely you found yourself in the position of needing information sometimes, or maybe you wanted to share some hints that you found incredibly useful, or maybe you just wanted to post a video of your puppy during his most adorable moments! 

In Pedigreeno you can do all these things and more. We love animals as well and we are making this app to make your life easier thanks to the power of communities. Imagine a pet-lover-only community where you can put puppies on adoptions or where you can look for new pets to “grow your family”, where breeders can exchange information or where you can read everything about your favorite pet shows & competitions!

Using our detailed pet maps, you can find pet store, review deals and specials from pet stores, read user reviews, and receive daily notifications from your favorite pet stores. Within application, you can find useful information on latest pet news and pet lifestyle information, the latest studies, and other compelling pet-related content. 

Read information and study how to show affection to your pet, how to breed pets. No matter your preference, our app will help you find the right information on your favorite pet!

Pedigreeno connects all pet lovers like you, from all over the world!

Live Life and Love Your Pets!